Rental Property Insurance

We understand that your rental property is an investment and an important source of income for you. Protect your property and investment with Rental Property Insurance, also known as Dwelling Fire Insurance. This type of insurance protects you from damage to the house and covers your personal injury liability. This product is also available to you if you live in your rental property.

Your local and knowledgeable CSE Independent Agent will help customize an insurance package for you with the coverages that fit you best at the right price and will be able to answer any questions regarding your policy.

  1. Discounts
  2. Coverage

Save On Your Policy

Our priority is to provide you with the right policy at the right price. We know that researching ways to save on your policy is not how you want to spend your time, and that is why your local CSE Agent will apply all of the discounts for which you are eligible.

Loyalty Discount
Your loyalty to CSE is rewarded with a discount of up to 5% on your policy.

To learn more about Rental Property insurance and available discounts in your state, find a local CSE Independent Agent.

The information provided contains only a general description of discounts and is not a statement of contract. Discounts are subject to all policy provisions, applicable endorsements, may not be available in all states, and are subject to change.

Not sure how your coverages will protect your home?

Insurance is complex, and we are here to help you decipher the variety of coverage options available to you. Your Independent Agents will guide you through each coverage limit to make sure that your property investment is protected.

Our most common policy coverages:

Dwelling Coverage

This coverage protects the rental property itself and any structures attached to it.

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage provides financial protection for your negligence against claims, should people be harmed on your property, and in the event you damage someone else's property. It includes coverage important to property owners. This coverage includes the amount you owe to other people for damages, legal fees and medical bills

Other Structures Coverage

This protects buildings that are separate from your rental property, including a detached garage.

Optional Coverages

We offer additional coverage options for our Rental Property Safeguard Insurance product in California that include:

  • Increased Replacement Cost Coverage
  • Extended Fair Rental Value
  • Sewer Backup Coverage
  • Strike Force Coverage
  • Arson Conviction Reward
  • Owner Occupied Medical Payments
  • Landlords Medical Payments

Contact your CSE Independent Agent for a quote to add this optional, affordable endorsement to your California Rental Property Safeguard policy.


The information provided contains only a general description of standard and optional coverages and is not a statement of contract. Coverages are subject to all policy provisions and exclusions, applicable endorsements, and may not be available in all states.